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How to Properly Use Extra-Virgin Oil?

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Although extra-virgin oil has a smoke point which is lower than that of other kinds of oil (smoke point or burning point of an oil refers to a temperature at which it begins to produce smoke with an unpleasant smell), it represents the purest form of oil produced and extracted without using chemicals or heat. Therefore, extra-virgin oil maintains its vitamins and nutrients much better than other oils

It is used in cooking, salads, roasting, sauté food, and frying with moderate heating. It is not recommended for cooking at high temperatures or, for example, using in deep fryers
It is interesting to know that the standard temperature for frying is 120 °C while the recommended safe temperature for deep frying of chicken or meat is up to 180 °C, and the maximum smoke point for extra-virgin oils is 190 °C. Fry for a few more minutes on a low flame. Remember, let it fry low and slow to keep you healthy